AMB Group is a creative and exciting Architectural/Engineering Design partnership. We are a collective of elite designers with wide variety of projects under our belt, and we are ready to lend our expertise to your next project.

We always strive to meet our client’s highest expectations. In fact, it is our central professional goal. Since our inception in 1992, we have been providing technical solutions to a variety of clients in both the development and construction industries.

You will find that our highly trained and experienced professionals are essential to your new business opportunities. Our networks of professional partners use only state-of-the-art communication tools in order to seamlessly integrate with your organization. Similarly, we require continuous staff training in the latest design technologies, in an effort to offer the absolute best services to our clients.

Our goal is to be proud of what we do. Please take the time to browse through samples of our work on the website. We guarantee that we will uphold this level of pride in quality in our work with you.

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Sarajlijina Apartment Building - 3D 01

Adams Morgan

Washington D.C., USA

Use: Long Term Stay Suites
Area: 8200 SF (760 m2)

Renovation of historic Row House into Long Stay Suite with first floor retail space located in the heart of vibrant Adams Morgan neighbourhood of Washington D.C.

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Sarajlijina Apartment Building - 3D 01

Sarajlijina Apartment Building

Zrenjanin, Serbia

Use: Apartment Building
Area: 8200 SF (760 m2)

Contemporary designed urban infield apartment building - part of Downtown Zrenjanin revitalization project.

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Sarajlijina Apartment Building - 3D 01

Marjanovic Family Residence

Becej, Serbia

Use: Single Family House
Area: 3,800 SF (353 m2)

Single family residence influenced by traditional Serbian Architecture.

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Sarajlijina Apartment Building - 3D 01

Kolasin Gated Community

Kolasin, Montenegro

Use: Gated Community

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Sarajlijina Apartment Building - 3D 01

Silver Lake Resort

Silver Lake Resort, Silver Lake, Serbia

Use: Lake Resort

Architectural Competition 2009 Awards: Publication

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AMB - Washington D.C.

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